• Memo Company Entry

    Memo companies are used 2 ways: OPTION 1 – If your company has no interest in a revenue or expense deck, but you want to track the gross values/volumes, you can establish a memo company to store the gross information. OPTION 2 – If you want to maintain general ledger information for one of the owners in a revenue/expense deck, you can establish a memo company to gather that information.

  • Well Allocation Maintenance

    In oil and gas accounting, many single items may be allocated to a group of wells. OGsql has the ability to allocate expenses, revenues, production, and sales based upon previously defined well allocation tables. Use Well Allocation Maintenance to define the allocation percentages.

  • Document Management: Accounts Payable

    Are you using an electronic document management system? Our partners at DocVue have outlined the advantages of using a document management system for Accounts Payable.

  • Employee Spotlight – Stephen Ingram

    Stephen Ingram is in our Employee Spotlight for this month. Stephen is a Software Developer and started with OGsys in June. Stephen recently returned home to Texas after working for 8 years in Hawaii for the Kamehameha Schools, one of the largest trusts in the country.

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