• PASH 2017

    The Petroleum Accountants Society of Houston (PASH) held its annual Education day May 25th, 2017. The event was well attended and the PASH committee was pleased with the positive energy and number of attendees who were there to earn up to 8 hours of continuing Education Credit.

  • Red Dog Systems EnergyLink Electronic JIB Format Option

    Did you know you can upload your operated JIB data into EnergyLink and send it electronically to your partners, significantly reducing the time and cost of printing, collating, and mailing? You can also receive your non-operated JIB data electronically through EnergyLink where you can map, analyze, and prepare your JIB data vouchers for direct upload into OGsys.

  • Is a Cloud-based Solution the Same Thing as a Hosted Solution?

    As we move toward the release of OGpro, our cloud-based oil and gas accounting solution, we want to make sure that everyone understands the difference between a cloud-based solution and a hosted solution. Many technology experts and insiders use these terms interchangeably, so it is easy to understand why this confusion exists in the marketplace. Shoretel, a communications company, wrote an eloquent post about the differences using a very simple to understand analogy on their blog:

  • Fast Fact: Revenue Received Report

    The OGsql Revenue Received Report displays a list of revenue received from the Revenue Purchaser Check Entry for the parameters set in the report options screen. The user may select the Company, Product, Well, Purchaser, Production Month and Date Deposited to customize the report for the desired results.

  • The Accounts Receivable Fast Track Report

    Our Accounts Receivable Fast Track Report will give your owners an Accounts Receivable Summary Statement in PDF format complete with your Company Logo.

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