OGsql is the next stage of the OGwin application. It replaces the Pervasive/Btrieve database backend with Microsoft® SQL®. This provides many benefits to users: Intuitive 3rd party access to your data, additional transaction protection with rollback/re-start, and increased scalability.

OGsql Reporting is the most comprehensive and flexible reporting system in the industry, designed to accelerate answers to our clients' critical questions. The enhanced capabilities of OGsql Reporting allows users to customize reports to meet their specific needs, such as running Ad hoc queries, publishing reports to the web or changing reports to other formats.

The flexibility of OGsql Reporting and the pervasiveness of SQL Server-compatible products makes it easy to interface with other systems. Since the data is in a relational format on a popular SQL Server®, a variety of third-party products can be used to access your data including Crystal Reports®, Microsoft® Access®, Microsoft® Excel® or anything else that can interface with Microsoft® SQL Server®.

With OGsql Reporting, our clients can quickly share vital information with their team members. Our integration with industry standard software (Microsoft® Office®) allows easy routing and sharing of reports and other crucial data.

Full Circle Systems (DocVue)

DocVue seamlessly interfaces with OGsql to manage workflows and offers complete document management for our clients.


The JIBLink option is an interface program whose purpose is to electronically transfer transaction data into and out of OGsql. This link provides OGsql's A/P
and JIB programs with a path to electronically import and export transaction
data via JIBLink files. The advantage in using the option is its ability to reduce recording time, eliminate keying errors and audit line transactions by
electronically matching keystrokes to fields within the master records. To create
a functioning environment a user must set up an account with JIBLink. More info
on JIBLink can be found at https://www.jiblink.com/Default.aspx.


Oildex provides electronic invoicing and revenue check information.



Create-a-Check allows OGsys users to print revenue and payable checks on to blank check stock.



Metavante accepts receipt and disbursement information from OGsql to process bank trust accounting.



Sungard accepts receipt and disbursement information from OGsql to process bank trust accounting.