OGsys Founded

OGsys was founded on the simple idea of providing an innovative oil and gas accounting software solution that would provide quick and accurate information.

OGdos Launched

With the introduction of OGdos, OGsys became the first company to develop a quality oil and gas accounting application for the PC.

Multiple User Platform Released

The pioneering continued as OGsys transitioned from a single-user platform to multi-user platform. During this phase, OGsys worked closely with its clients to constantly improve and enhance the software.

Exponential Growth, Despite Economic Crisis

By 1986, when the nation’s recession had pushed many of its competitors out of business, OGsys was going strong – thanks to a stable and loyal client base.

Continued to Push the Envelope

OGsys continued to push the envelope and, in 1994, began the daunting task of developing an application for the Windows platform.

OGwin Released

A team of international developers spent the next three years creating what would become the first Windows-based oil and gas accounting software – OGwin.

OGwin Becomes the Golden Standard

OGwin became the gold standard in oil and gas accounting software for the next decade, but OGsys didn’t rest on its laurels.

R&D for OGsql Begins

By 2004, Chuck and Jody were again looking to the future and saw the need for a new platform that would provide quicker and more efficient answers for oil and gas managers.

OGsql Released

OGsys clients were looking for more flexible reporting and the ability to customize interfaces with other quality products. The introduction of OGsql provided that and has become the industry’s most flexible and comprehensive reporting application.

Begins Offering OGelite

For those clients that were looking for additional levels of support, such as scheduled after hours and/or weekend access to the support team, OGelite was introduced.

Client Satisfaction Rating Hits Record High

In 2011, a client survey revealed that 90% were very satisfied or somewhat satisfied with customer service. In 2013, that number rose to 93.5%!

Under the Hood Video Series Released

In order to illustrate all the "bells and whistles" the software has to offer, the “Under the Hood” video tutorial series was created so that clients could watch and learn when it's convenient for them.

OGdash Released

This sleek web-based dashboard was developed to give our clients the freedom to access the most critical information impacting their company's success, at a glance, no matter where they are - in the office, on the road or at home.

OGconsulting Introduced

OGconsulting offers a wide range of professional services to help our clients maximize their investment. The six service areas are Process Improvement, Reporting, System Enhancements, Data Conversion, Training and DocVue Implementation.

OGpro Released

This visionary oil and gas accounting software experience allows you to focus on, think about and answer the essential questions impacting your organization’s long-lasting success.

Throughout its history, OGsys has continuously evolved its products, services and vision. Stay tuned as we look forward to helping our clients accelerate answers for years to come.

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