2018 NAPE Recap

This month's Thoughts from OGsys comes from Co-Founder and Vice President of Sales, Jody Vasquez.

It was refreshing for all who attended the NAPE 2018 Conference to experience the excitement surrounding the current state of the E&P industry last week. As an industry that has struggled over the last few years, this year’s NAPE Expo was high with expectations.

Many who visited with the OGsys team expressed significant optimism for 2018 and the opportunities that lie ahead.

This expo was the perfect setting for OGsys to announce the fact that OGpro is designed to provide an ERP software solution. At NAPE, the OGsys team was able to discuss the current status of the OGpro release, which is now in the final stages of beta testing and a general release of the application is very close.

Clients were updated on migration details and time-tables in preparation for their move to our cloud-based platform. Others, including prospective clients, discussed their needs, which are trending heavily away from on-premise installations due to increasing I.T. costs and knowledgeable awareness of the technology embedded in a “cloud” platform offering. 

 Many have heard of the OGpro project, but as is often the case within the software industry, recognizing the reality of an offering by seeing it is far different than listening to comments and rumors. At NAPE 2018, OGsys was able to present the industry’s first “true” working cloud SAAS offering. 

Today, there is no debate, as evidenced by countless attendees who spoke with our OGsys team, that cloud application processing is the future. And the future is now.

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