Are you using the OGsql Toolbars?

After logging into your OGsys Database, you can click on ‘View’ from the Main Menu item and choose 'Toolbars.'  The following five toolbars available: 

1. Standard Toolbar

Task Manager, Output Manager, Batch Reporting, Cut, Copy, Paste, Help, About OGsql, Company Selection Status, Direct Access, Calendar, Calculator and Tab Enter as on or off 

2. Status Toolbar

This allows you to see the Company Name/Number and any Task/Reports running or pending at the bottom of the screen

3. System Toolbar

Open Database, Re-Sign On, Sign Off, Change Password, User Preferences, Exit

4. Supervisor Toolbar

User and Group Maintenance, Station Maintenance, Event Log, Utilities, Check Module Versions

5. Shortcuts Toolbar

This allows you to see any Shortcuts that you have setup in the database. There is the ‘Small’ which allows you to see 9 shortcuts and the ‘Large’ which allows you to see 12.

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