• OGsql Fast Fact: Avoid Touchscreen Services Problems in OGsql

    When Windows 7 and 10 install updates, they often turn on touchscreen services. This causes a conflict with OGsql and causes the program to shutdown unexpectedly. To rectify, simply access your Windows Services App and disable touchscreen. Most of the time, that action resolves the issue. If you continue to have problems, please contact OGsys Support.

  • OGsys On Demand: Did you know you can open an additional screen in OGsys on Demand?

    Did you know you can open an additional screen in OGsys on Demand? If you are in the middle of an entry and do not want to lose your place, right click on the OGsys On Demand file tab and select Duplicate from the list. An additional screen will open and you can move to another place in the application while the original tab will maintain your current position.

  • OGsql Fast Fact: Bank Reconciliation Manual Adjustment

    Did you know that if you left click from the cleared, or uncleared tab, in Bank Reconciliation Manual Adjustment you can export the data into an excel document? This is handy for getting a list of items for a bank account if you haven’t saved your final bank reconciliations.

  • OGsys On Demand Fast Fact: Attach Documents

    Did you know that you can attach documents to AP Invoices and Manual Journal Entries? In both entry screens you will see a button Attach Files. You may attach any file type.

  • OGsql Fast Fact: Reverse and Rebook

    Did you know that when you generate a reverse/rebook entry that nets to zero, it will not appear on the JIB, AP or Revenue check? It will show in the prelist with a designated on ‘rvs/rbk match’, and will clear out during your next check run.

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