• Password Tips and Tricks

    In our last Thoughts from OGsys, we highlighted the Equifax failures from the last year. The second breach stemmed from a terrible password practice. An online employee tool could be accessed by typing 'admin' as both a login and password.

  • General Ledger Dates

    The full power of OGsys' reporting capabilities is realized when you understand the three dates that are utilized within the system.  Most of our report specifications allow a choice between Cash-Date Basis, Journal-Date Basis, and Accrual-Date Basis reports.

  • Patching and Passwords: Equifax Failures

    Unless you live under a rock chances are you have heard about the May Equifax breach where hackers made off with Social Security numbers, names, and a dizzying amount of other details for some 145.5 million US consumers. Their former CEO appeared before congress last week and blamed the massive data breach on "both human error and technology failures."

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