• Disbursement Change History

    Need help understanding the Disbursement Change History Report? Look no farther than this month's technical article. The Disbursement Change History Report is used to view the change history created for deck changes and various other changes.  This report may also be used to check the continuity of the change history numbers. In order to take full advantage of this report, it is necessary to understand the different fields and options available.

  • Accrual Basis Reporting

    Did you know OGsql General Ledger reports can be generated by Accrual Basis to show balances by the GL Accounting month rather than by Journal date (transaction date/production month) or Cash date?

  • Success Story - Todd Graves

    “Uploads are something that we use a lot. They are very easy to use and speed up processing for our clients which, of course, saves them money. We are currently using: Charts of Accounts, Deck, Well, Journal Entry Transfer, Reports and AP Transfer.” – Todd Graves, CPA, PLLC

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