• Thank You for the Feedback and Winners

    A heartfelt thank you to all of our clients that participated in our annual client survey. We are in the process of reviewing your responses and recommendations. Your feedback will help OGsys better serve you in the future.

  • Do you know where your backups are?

    I'm sure you remember the Public Service Announcements that aired at night from the 1950's to the 1980's "Do you know where your children are?" At OGsys, we'd like for you to consider this important PSA: Do you know where your backups are?

  • Revenue Receivable Processing

    Revenue is definitely one of the more challenging Oil and Gas Accounting processes. Do you need help understanding the Revenue Receivable functions of your OGsql software? Our support team is here to help you!

  • OGsys Purpose and Core Values

    “What does our company stand for? What values do our employees embody? What do our products contribute to the world?” Answering these questions is challenging, but worth pursuing. At the end of 2015 OGsys leadership asked themselves and their employees these difficult questions and the resulting Purpose and Core Values anchor every aspect of their business in a set of mutually held beliefs and commitments.

  • Spotlight on: Robert Ruiz

    Robert Ruiz is in the employee spotlight this month! Robert Ruiz began his career at OGsys two years as the Account Manager, but quickly transitioned to Sales. Robert worked in the Biochemistry/Pharmaceutical and Aerospace Industries prior to joining OGsys. Robert received his undergraduate degree in Biochemistry from Baylor University and his MBA from Texas Christian University. Robert’s passion, entrepreneurial spirit, and his ability to connect with peers and clients make him a valuable team member at OGsys!

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