Backup Recommendations


A backup is a copy of the data and programs used to run OGsql. These backups can be made to another portion of the hard drive, another computer on the network or an external media source (tape, CD/DVD, flash drive, etc.).

OGsys cannot be responsible for recovery of data lost due to hardware failure. That is why backups are essential for safeguarding the accounting records. OGsys can replace programs used to run the software, but cannot replace data. It is the company’s responsibility to plan, test and implement a backup routine that will limit the amount of data loss due to unforeseen computer malfunctions.


OGsql requires the backup of both the OGsql folder and its contents, as well as the SQL Database(s) used by OGsql. The SQL Database(s) are the most critical of the backup requirements. NOTE: It is not necessary to back up the Temp database(s) used by OGsql.

The program file set (OGsql folder and contents) should be restored as a set, or re-obtained from OGsys if in doubt. SQL databases backup to a single file and may only be restored in its entirety.


a. Make a backup every night

b. Make a backup weekly and or monthly and keep offsite or a different server location (this can be overwritten when a new one is made)

c. Make a backup before any major changes are done inside the database.

d. Regularly confirm that the backup strategy is valid by restoring OGsql and verifying the data restored is the data expected. If the plan is not tested, it may be discovered too late that the data has not been backing up properly. Avoid this situation by testing on a regular basis.


BACKUP YOUR ENTIRE DATABASE The main OGsql directory, programs, control files, and data should be backed up prior to the year-end close.  The importance of backups cannot be stressed enough.  This is a backup that should be kept permanently.  Do not reuse this tape/CD/DVD.  In the future you may wish to restore this data and run reports to see detail that is prior to the detail period specified for your G/L.   Test your backup to make sure that it is good. 

CONSIDER CREATING A DATABASE COPY This would create a snapshot of your database as it exists right now.  This new database would be accessible within OGsql.  The copy should NOT replace your year-end backup described above.

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