Customer Service Response Time

If you've incorporated any kind software in your company practices - one of your most important considerations must be its customer support response time. If such a system or software is being used frequently, even the delay of a response for a few hours when a concern arises  can be troublesome. Remember, if those few hours of delay are accounted for over time, they can add up to several days or even whole working weeks over the year. This is costing your company a significant amount of revenue and resources, and must be dealt with immediately in order to make your business more efficient, smooth and profitable in the long run.

With the significance of response time in mind, all businesses need to make a conscious choice to opt for software that offer a quicker response time.  At OGsys, our response to customer service inquiries is often in minutes rather than hours.  In fact in the 2017 client survey, 90% of clients were satisfied with the timeliness of our problem solving.  While we aren't able to commit to solving all problems within minutes due to the complexity of some problems, we do commit to responding to your inquiry within an hour*.   OGsys clients rave about the quick response time and quick resolution of issues.  The OGsys response rate sets it apart from its competitors and, based on our own experience with other software providers, this isn't always the norm.  

If your company is using a software and your interactions with their support team are slow and the response is inadequate, you need to make a change.  While you must factor the stability, features, price and maintenance into your decision - keep in mind that the response time is also a significant factor and must be accounted for.

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OGsys guarantees a one-hour response time during business hours. *