Email Service Sending Limits

Recently, several clients have contacted us after moving their email service to a new provider and experiencing issues with sending out large numbers of emails using OGsql (JIB’s, Revenue Summary Statements, AR Statements, 425 Reports, Payable Check, Revenue Check).

To prevent clients from generating spam emails from their systems, email providers limit the number of outbound emails that you can send in a given period of time. While you can occasionally request that they increase this limit for your company, frequently the answer is no. In these cases, we recommend using a bulk email service to send out your high volume OGsql email. One inexpensive provider we have used at OGsys is Sendgrid, but there are many others that offer this service.

If you have any issues configuring OGsql to use your new email provider, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via