Fast Fact: Two Common A/P Prelist Error Messages

In this month’s Fast Fact, we’re looking at a couple of the common A/P Prelist Error Messages: Wire-Ctl missing & Credit Mismatch.

Error #1: Wire-ctl Missing

This error message will show on the A/P Prelist if ACH is enabled, even if the vendor is not set to be paid by ACH.  The good news: this is easily resolved.

To resolve, you will need to access the EFT Account Maintenance and put in the cash account number being used to cut checks along with a Bank Code*.  Once completed, save and you should be all set.

(*If this is a new bank, then you will need to first set the Bank Code.)

Error #2:  Credit Mismatch

This error message will show when a Vendor is set to have one check per invoice, but there is a credit invoice posted for this Vendor.  OGsys will not allow a check for a credit invoice.  Again, this is easily resolved.

To resolve, go into Vendor Maintenance and uncheck the ‘one invoice per check’ box so that the existing credit can be applied against outstanding invoices