Meet Steve McGinnis, Senior Developer at OGsys

Steve McGinnis is a Senior Developer at OGsys, and works with our excellent support staff to analyze any enhancements our client’s request. Steve and his team take accounting ideas that the client has, and make them actual answers in OGsql and OGdash. It takes a team working together to accelerate answers for clients!

Steve’s role on the software development team changes according to the needs of the project.  Using OGdash as an example, Steve was the back end architect, working with Jeff Fyda, who created the front end, while Will Darnell created the business layer.
Currently, he is working on an AFE commitment solution. Steve says, “One of our clients has mapped out a great idea on how to determine current commitments for any AFE, and to put this information on the dashboard.  This includes Purchase Orders, as well as unposted and unapproved vouchers, showing a much more accurate and current snapshot of any given AFE.”
Steve says, “It’s truly satisfying to have a significant impact on the products and on the success of the company. I don’t feel like a cog in a machine, but rather like a part of a team that provides solutions for our clients. The great thing about OGsys is that it can make custom software solutions for a very reasonable price.  In my opinion that is why we have been so successful and so flexible in keeping up with such a dynamic marketplace.  We are always willing and able to incorporate new ideas from any source into our product to keep it the best software in our industry!”