• Oildex Acquires PDS Energy 

    ​In mid-July, Oildex announced it had acquired the financial and accounting data exchange products and services of PDS Energy Information, Inc. We know many of our clients use these services and want to make sure you are aware of the acquisition.

  • Why Integrate OGsql with DocVue?

    Integrating OGsql with DocVue provides efficiency, accountability and easy invoice/document approval and retrieval. I know I sound like I’m getting on my salesperson soap box, but I actually manage many of the DocVue clients’ implementations, so I see it firsthand every day!


    Chances are you have watched or read a story about the latest wave cyber attacks affecting major companies around the world.  Check out this video from Wired that explains Ransomware and provides good tips on protecting your business from similar attacks.

  • Are you using the OGsql Toolbars?

    After logging into your OGsys Database, you can click on ‘View’ from the Main Menu item and choose 'Toolbars.'  The following five toolbars available: 

  • Top Benefits of Cloud Computing

    Last week we shared an analogy using water to explain the difference between cloud-based and hosted solutions. Now that you have a basic understanding of the differences, we'd like to share Microsoft's top benefits of cloud computing and their Beginner's Guide to Cloud Computing.

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