• Developing Core Values and Evaluating Purpose

    Forbes published a blog by Todd McKinnon, CEO of Okta, a few years back that described the importance and difficulty in creating a great company culture. He wrote, “When headcount is in single digits, founders, CEOs and first employees sit and talk through every decision together. The problems are simpler, the communication more direct – and there’s less ambiguity about what’s important and how to act. Your culture is implicit in the personalities and values of this early group.”

  • Extra Information Codes

    The Extra Information Codes can be used in the 230 Financial Reports, the 250 Property Report and the 240 Property Sub-Ledger Report to show any extra Fields you may want to see that pertains to Well Maintenance.

  • Core Values & Mission Statement

    Do you know your company’s core values and mission statement?  Perhaps they are on the wall, clearly stated in your employee handbook, or, like many small to mid-sized businesses, the values might be vague.  Last year we embarked on an important journey as a company: to identify and define our core values.

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