OGsql Fast Fact: Accounts Payable Void Check Entry Program

Voiding an A/P Check plus Create Reversing Entries

1. You must know the A/P check # and the cash account the check was issued under before you begin.

2. Go to the A/P Void Check Entry module.

3. You will be asked to choose your printing options.  An audit report will be printed upon completion of the void check entry.  HINT:  Anytime you are asked to choose printing options before beginning an input, you can know that this is a critical procedure and it will perform a final post automatically. If you have ACH turned on there will be another folder that appears.  Click and save that one automatically for any ACH processes.

4. Choose Next for the voucher number.  You can accept the current date.  Input the total amount of checks that you will be voiding.

5. Input the check number you wish to void. 

     a. Verify that the cash account is correct.

     b. If the AP Invoice is to be suspended (so that another check isn’t cut), check the box “Disposition           Suspend”. 

     c. If the AP Invoice is to be suspended and reversed choose Generate Reversing AP Invoices. 

     d. Click Retrieve Check

     e. If you want to void a range of checks, click on the Range button instead of entering a check number.  You will then be prompted for a from and through check number to void.

6. The specifics of the check will then appear.  If this is the correct check to void, click on Void Check.

7. You will then be prompted to indicate the date for voiding the check in the general ledger and the Year for the 1099 Selection. 

     a. Date for G/L Selection - The default is Check Date.  Click OK.  This is almost always the proper           choice.  

     b. Year for 1099 Selection - General Rule - Until you print the 1099’s for the year of the original             check, choose “Year of Check” for voiding checks.  After printing the 1099’s, choose “Year of                 Voucher.”  The void and new reissue will cancel each other out for the new year 1099’s (the 1099           for the year of the check would have included the original check).

          i. If Year of Check is chosen and that check year is in a prior year (not in the current 1099 year),            the current year 1099’s will not be affected by the void. The current year 1099’s will include any            new checks issued.

          ii. If Year of Voucher and that check year is in a prior year, the current year 1099’s will be                      affected by the void.  If the check is reissued, the current year 1099 will include that new check            AND the void so there will be no net effect on the current year 1099’s.

8. You will then be asked if it is OK to void the check.  Choose Yes. If you have chosen to reverse the AP Invoice you will be notified at the time of the void check process of that process taking place.

9. When you close the module an audit report of the voided check will print.


NOTE:  The general ledger entry for a void check is:

Dr.      Cash

Cr.      Accounts Payable

Voiding an A/P check returns the invoice to Accounts Payable to make it available to pay again. If you want to reverse the AP Entry, choose the selecting to Generate Reversing AP Invoices.

Voiding an A/P check and choosing to Generate Reversing AP Invoices will return the invoice to Accounts Payable to make it available to pay again and the Generate Reversing AP Invoices creates a new unposted voucher that reverses the original invoice(s).  Once this voucher(s) has been final posted you can generate a zero check with either a zero manual check entry or let the zero check flow thru your next AP check print.  The create zero checks is an option in System Parameter Maintenance.