OGsys Announces Beta Testing Phase for OGpro

Ft. Worth, TX – August 22, 2017 – Oil and gas accounting software firm OGsys, Inc. is excited to announce that OGpro, the industry’s only true cloud-based oil and gas accounting software solution, has entered beta testing. 

“We took the leading oil and gas accounting software program on the market and turned it on its head.  One of our core values is Imagine and Pursue a Better Way, and we did just that!  OGpro is the culmination of a three-year journey to give our clients and the industry the best possible accounting solution to help accelerate answers to the questions they have right now and questions they will have as they grow and expand.  We rethought every software function and applied the best available technology to create the first true cloud-based oil and gas accounting software experience.”  said Chuck Blanton, OGsys President / Co-founder. 

OGpro is further proof of OGsys’ dedication to providing its clients and the industry with solutions founded in technical excellence. Throughout its 35-year history, OGsys has created and delivered solutions specific to the E&P upstream industry with the focus being best practice functionality and technical platform superiority. 

As Vice President / Co-founder, Jody Vasquez explains, “If you analyze the OGsys historical footprint, what you see is a continuous delivery of important technical tools embedded in our accounting solutions that enhance the overall user experience. Over and over again, users tell us to heighten their user experience…don’t encumber it! Once again with OGpro, we have done just that!”

OGsys recognizes that user mobility is key to merging life-style to business responsibility. OGpro gives users access to live data from anywhere in the world, day or night. This mobile technology allows the user immediate access to live data, so intelligent and knowledgeable decisions can be made with confidence.

OGpro represents the next generation in total solution software. In 2008, OGsql enhanced the functional user experience and in 2017 OGpro elevates that experience through cloud delivery and enhanced user interfaces.

While no official release date is available during this phase, you may visit ogsys.com or contact sales@ogsys.com for more information.

About OGsys: Since 1982, OGsys has been providing user-friendly, intuitive oil and gas accounting software that accelerates answers to critical questions impacting daily productivity and overall success. The company has offices in Fort Worth and Houston.


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