OGsys Clients Speak Out!

Late in 2013, many of you may recall receiving an invitation to participate in our annual survey. For those of you who responded to the survey, thank you! You have helped us gain a better understanding of how we can improve our software and services to you. We’d like to share some of the insights we received from the survey about our customer service representatives.

More than 9 out of 10 clients are satisfied with OGsys customer service generally, and 94% are satisfied with the CSRs’ responsiveness to their requests; 95% are satisfied with the CSRs’ knowledge base, and 96% are satisfied with their professionalism. We think our CSRs are the best, and it’s great to hear that so many of you think so, too!

One comment from the survey was,

“… When I have had an issue, I usually get a quick solution.  If not, the support staff has kept me informed and updated on the progress of the solution.”

Another said, “I love your support!  First software I’ve used that has a great support staff – who ACTUALLY know how the software works.  Everyone is friendly, professional – and polite.”

Some of you have emailed us regarding a particular problem solved by one of our representatives. We truly appreciate hearing from all of you!  Jacob Hardegree of Torch Operating had this to say: “We, here at Torch Operating, have been using OGsys for about three years now.  I wanted to thank you for your continued hard work, as a company, in assisting clients with various IT obstacles and customer service. The main reason for this message is to bring one of your IT customer service reps, Maggie Carlgren, to your attention.  She has always gone above and beyond in providing us service; even going so far as to try and assist us from her iPad while waiting on a flight at the airport. [We have had]… a major ongoing issue between another software supplier, myself, and Maggie.  The short of the story is that Maggie did not let up on her research and testing until the problem was identified and a temporary workaround was established.  I am incredibly impressed and wanted to pass along my gratitude.”

Thanks to all of our clients who continue to use OGsys software, and thanks to our CSRs for the fabulous job they do every day in helping accelerate answers for our terrific clients!