OGsys: Investing in Significant Upgrades

At the Rocky Mountain Energy Summit in Denver, CO, we were busy having discussions with clients, prospects and consultants about our new software product, OGpro (click here for the OGpro video).  After an initial overview of OGpro and the benefits of a true cloud solution, there were puzzled looks and questions about the difference between a hosted solution and a true cloud solution (Is a Cloud-Based Solution the Same Thing as a Hosted Solution?).

Once we were able to provide a thorough explanation of the difference between the two, one of the interested onlookers using a competitor’s product realized that they were not enjoying a true cloud solution, but a hosted offering loaded on an unsupported 2003 server that left them vulnerable to security threats.  This led to the following comment: “OGsys is the only oil and gas accounting software provider investing in significant upgrades to their product!”

An article titled: The Importance of Software Innovation points out that it is important for your software provider to adopt a ‘Software for Life’ model.  This means that software investments need to be made based on customer feedback and industry trends (click for our customer driven signature features).  As Vice President/Co-founder Jody Vasquez explains, “If you analyze the OGsys historical footprint, what you see is a continuous delivery of important technical tools embedded in our accounting solutions that enhance the overall user experience. Over and over again, users tell us to heighten their user experience…don’t encumber it! Once again with OGpro, we have done just that!”

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*The information in the third paragraph comes from an article titled, The Importance of Software Innovation.  It was published on November 11, 2015 by The Trapeze Team and accessed on September 13, 2017.  (http://www.trapezegroup.co.uk/article/the-importance-of-software-innovation)