OGsys Purpose and Core Values

“What does our company stand for? What values do our employees embody? What do our products contribute to the world?” 

Answering these questions is challenging, but worth pursuing. At the end of 2015 OGsys leadership asked themselves and their employees these difficult questions and the resulting Purpose and Core Values anchor every aspect of their business in a set of mutually held beliefs and commitments.  


  • Accelerating Answers

Core Values

  • Honest Communication: Be clear and truthful.
  • Intellectual Interaction: Encourage the right to respectfully debate.

Intellectual Interaction is critically important to us as a company. This type of interaction is how our team comes up with its best ideas to create better solutions for our clients.  Steve McGinnis consistently demonstrates this core value. He is always respectful when he engages in a healthy debate with other members of the team. These debates often result in great ideas that will take our product to the next level. Barbara Schweitzer, COO

  • Teamwork: Embrace your role and team responsibilities.

Supporting our clients is very much a team effort here at OGsys, and because of this we are able to offer assistance with everything from Accounting to back end IT. Nick Scroggins, Infrastructure Support

  • Excellence: Imagine and pursue a better way.

I believe that if we all strive for excellence that the other core values will follow. To achieve excellence in support and product development we must have Teamwork. Without Honest Communication you lack Teamwork. Intellectual Interaction is required for Teamwork and Honest Communication. Chuck Blanton, President

If you have had an interaction with one of our employees that embodies one or more of our Core Values, we would love to hear about it!  Please email Chuck@ogsys.com and share your story.  Each month we award these employees one of our “Mugs of Excellence,” a personalized  Yeti tumbler.