• Did You Know About …Accounts Payable Discounts

    Do your vendors allow discounts for timely payment of their bills? Did you know that OGsql allows the use of AP discounts for vendor payments? If the item is paid on time, the discount amount shown on the vendor’s bill will be posted to the Accounts Payable Discount’s earned fixed account.

  • Employee Spotlight – Robert Stanley

    A native of California, Robert Stanley has lived in Fort Worth since 2000. He worked as a software developer at Radio Shack for the past 15 years, and began at OGsys in January.

  • Acquisition Issues

    If your company is considering acquiring another entity that doesn’t use OGsys accounting software, there are a number of accounting issues that should be considered.

  • PASH Education Day

    PASH recently held their annual education day on May 20,2015. Laurie Lewis from the sales team represented OGsys along with several other vendors. The 400 member and guest attendees qualified for 8 hours of continuing education credit.

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