• For Clients Using Microsoft Sql Server Express

    If your company uses Microsoft’s free version of SQL Server (SQL Express), you must monitor your database sizes to ensure they do not approach the 10 GB limit that Microsoft allows. If your database is approaching this limit, you will need to purchase and install one of the full versions of SQL Server from Microsoft in order to avoid severe system issues that will occur when you reach that limit. This would be handled by your IT department and your Microsoft software vendor.

  • Employee Spotlight – Bill Summers

    In any of you know Bill Summers, you know he has a new role at OGsys! For the past 5 years, he has worked in IT support, where he installed OGsys software and did troubleshooting on hardware issues. With his background in accounting, he is now transitioning into the area of program support.

  • Meet Steve McGinnis, Senior Developer at OGsys

    Steve McGinnis is a Senior Developer at OGsys, and works with our excellent support staff to analyze any enhancements our client’s request. Steve and his team take accounting ideas that the client has, and make them actual answers in OGsql and OGdash. It takes a team working together to accelerate answers for clients!

  • OGsys Clients Speak Out!

    Late in 2013, many of you may recall receiving an invitation to participate in our annual survey. For those of you who responded to the survey, thank you! You have helped us gain a better understanding of how we can improve our software and services to you. We’d like to share some of the insights we received from the survey about our customer service representatives.

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