Red Dog Systems EnergyLink Electronic JIB Format Option

Did you know you can upload your operated JIB data into EnergyLink and send it electronically to your partners, significantly reducing the time and cost of printing, collating, and mailing?  You can also receive your non-operated JIB data electronically through EnergyLink where you can map, analyze, and prepare your JIB data vouchers for direct upload into OGsys

The JIBLink option is an interface program whose purpose is to electronically transfer transactional data into and out of OGsql. The option is a communication tool. This link provides OGsql’s AP and JIB programs with a path to electronically import and export transactional data via the JIBLink files. The advantage in using the option is its ability to reduce recording time, eliminate keying errors, and audit line transactions by electronically matching keystrokes to fields within the master records.

Two functions reside within the option:

  1. The import function prepares an electronic voucher in the mirror image of a keyed record. Upon import the audited voucher is placed in a pre-posting file allowing the review of the document prior to final post processing.
  2. The export function creates an electronic JIB document resembling a printed OGsql JIB, which an EnergyLink template is able to accept. It is the user’s responsibility to transmit this file to EnergyLink using their website interface. Upon receipt of the OGsql data, EnergyLink will audit the file. Users can review the contents of the transmission at Once the user is satisfied with the audit, the file is released. After releasing the file, EnergyLink transmits the JIBs to the recipients electronically or by printed form. Once the option is turned on, check the box “JIBLink Recip” on the specific tab in Owner Maintenance. When JIB Invoices are produced the user must specify the JIBLink Filename and Path.


  • No need to mail invoices to registered partners
  • EnergyLink provides mail-out invoice packages for unregistered partners, including instructions for activating their EnergyLink account
  • Say goodbye to paper short pay letters
  • Partners identify disputes online
  • Partners and operators manage disputes with built-in searching and reporting
  • EnergyLink’s messaging system allows operators and partners to correspond online

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