Sleek, Web-Based Dashboard for Oil and Gas Software

Another game changing oil and gas software application from OGsys

  • Introducing OGdash

    OGdash is another game changing software application from OGsys. This sleek web-based dashboard gives you the freedom to access the most critical information impacting your company’s success, at a glance, no matter where you are – in the office, on the road or at home.

    You have the ability to customize the information that’s displayed on the dashboard based on your specific needs.  Whether it’s a quick scan of productivity or a detailed drill-down, you can determine how deep you want to go.

    What is different about OGdash?  It’s displaying information – not data.  OGdash will do the thinking for you and alert you when something seems out of sync.

    OGdash is the next step in a long line of OGsys innovations, all designed to help you.

OGsql is the oil and gas industry's most flexible and comprehensive accounting application. Its reliability and dependability is second to none. It provides many benefits to you such as ease of use, flexibility of reporting, intuitive 3rd party access to your data, additional transaction protection with rollback/re-start, and increased scalability.

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