OGdash : Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided questions that we frequently hear when current and potential clients are evaluating OGdash. We hope the answers to these questions are helpful to you.

  • How does the OGdash licensing work (Costs)?

    OGdash licensing is different from standard OGsql licensing.  During the planning for OGdash, clients told us that they wanted OGdash to be deployed to everyone within their organizations without licensing fees beyond the additional license.  We listened.  OGdash licensing will be a one-time charge.

  • How much will my support increase?

    At your next support anniversary, support fees will increase by 20% of the OGdash license cost.

  • How many gadgets will I get?

    We are developing new gadgets all the time, so please visit our website for the latest available gadgets.  In addition, this is not the full story, since each gadget can be configured to accelerate specific answers for the OGdash user.  For example, a user might have 2 AFE gadgets on their dashboard, each one customized for specific projects.  And you can be sure that we will add more gadgets to OGdash in the future.

  • What are the associated installation costs?

    The OGdash license fee includes installation of the software on the client server and on line training of the OGdash administrator.  The training includes instructions on setting up each of the gadgets for users.  Some clients will want additional professional services, including programming custom gadgets and other implementation assistance.

  • Is the Dashboard fully customizable for individual users?

    Yes.  Each user will have their own gadgets configured to accelerate answers for their specific questions.  Users can have multiple copies of gadgets, as well as show only the gadgets that pertain to their particular situation.   The OGdash administrator will assist each user in establishing the proper gadgets for their access.  They will also determine the level of access each user needs.

  • Does everyone at my company have the same dashboard?

    Not usually.  OGsys anticipates that users will have different sets of questions, and therefore will require different gadgets to answer these questions.  The OGdash administrator at your company will help implement each user and set specific gadget configurations.  For example, a field engineer may have an AFE gadget that shows only the wells for his or her areas of responsibility.  Financial users may have gadgets showing aging of payables and receivables.  OGdash is flexible enough to meet the needs of each user in your company.

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