OGpro : Core Package for Oil & Gas Accounting Systems

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  • Base Gl

    General Ledger

    General Ledger (GL) is the master set of accounts that summarize all transactions over the life of a company.  The GL includes accounts for assets, liabilities, owners’ equity, revenues and expenses.  OGpro aggregates the detailed transaction data from the GL into the business, financial and property reports.

    • Attach Documents to Journal Entry Transactions
    • Allocations Available in Transaction Entry
    • Create and Generate Recurring Entries
    • Upload Transactions Electronically
    • View Real Time Detailed and Summary Level Reports in Excel
    • Preview Customizable Financial and Property Reports During Format Creation
    • Restrict User Roles to Any Level for Separation of Duties
  • Base Ap

    Accounts Payable

    Accounts Payable (AP) is used for the recording and payment of company liabilities. This is the primary functional area through which a business records expenses and pays other parties, views vendor account activity and processes year-end tax related reporting.

    • Attach Supporting Documents to Invoices (access supporting documentation with the click of your mouse)
    • Verification in Place for Duplicate Invoice Numbers, Proper Accounts, Well and AFE  Codes
    • Create and Generate Recurring Invoices
    • Upload Invoices Electronically
    • Update the General Ledger, Accounts Payable Sub-ledger and Billing Sub-ledger Immediately and Simultaneously
    • View Real Time Detailed and Summary Level Reports in Excel
    • View Working Checks Pre-List
  • Base Jib

    Joint Interest Billing

    Joint Interest Billing (JIB) divides the expenses from a joint venture project among its partners according to the intricacies of their standing agreement.  The entry, posting and tracking of joint billing expenses, joint owner invoice payments and owner pre-payments are all managed with the comprehensive OGpro JIB system, producing the billing invoices for working interest partners, creating prepayments and applying to their invoices.

    • Apply Advance Billing Against Monthly JIBs
    • View Working Billing Pre-list
    • Change of Billing Status for Owners, Wells, and Individual Items
    • Create and Implement Custom Suspense Reason Codes
    • Create JIB Invoices with Color and Logo in PDF Format
    • Process Billing Invoices Multiple Times  per Month
    • Update of Accounts Receivable during JIB Invoice Print
  • Base Ar

    Accounts Receivable

    Accounts Receivable (AR) Processing is used to generate and record miscellaneous, interest and gas invoices, post owner and client payments or adjustments on invoices, and inquire about the status of owner accounts.

    • Recurring Invoice Creation and Generation
    • Simultaneous Updating of General Ledger and Subledgers
    • Real-Time Financial Reporting
    • Exportable Reports Viewable in Excel
    • Color Invoices with Custom Logo in PDF Format
    • User ID Based Security Application
    • Monthly Close Feature
  • Base Revenue

    Revenue Processing

    Revenue processing allows the user to record purchaser checks, inquire about the status of an owner's revenue, and print Revenue Summary Statements and Revenue Checks.

    • Update the General Ledger, Revenue Subledger and Associated Subledgers Immediately and Simultaneously
    • Customize Purchaser Check Entry Templates
    • Create Unlimited Deductions
    • Upload of Revenue Electronically
    • Suspend Owner, Well, and Individual Items
    • Create and Implement Custom Suspense Reason Codes
    • Netting of Revenue to Accounts Receivable
    • View Working Checks Pre-list
    • Publish Checks in a PDF Format
    • Restrict User Roles to Any Level for Separation of Duties
  • Base Reporting

    Reporting Package Additional Functionality

    OGsys has recognized that there are those individuals at organizations who would like to have access to the software’s reporting capabilities but don’t need or want access to the entire system.  And, they don’t want to purchase an additional software license in order to realize that benefit.

    With OGpro, our Reporting Package provides this opportunity!

    When a Reporting User logs into OGpro, they will have admission to the entire reporting area where they will be able to run any reports, for which they have rights, that are in the system.  The only thing they won’t be able to do is update the templates in the report writer.

    Just another way that OGsys is helping you accelerate answers by providing a gateway to valuable information at a fraction of the cost of adding an additional software license.

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