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# How does the OGpro licensing work?

With the OGpro solution, you will pay an installation and implementation fee and then an ongoing license fee as you use the software.  Your support and hosting fees are included in the monthly costs.

# What are the associated installation costs?

Installation costs for OGpro will be based upon the number of users and optional software components included in your license. The installation services include setting up your database, configuring user licenses for access, and training.

# How do I know how many users we’ll need to purchase?

OGpro operates based upon a named user convention.  This means that each person that accesses your OGpro software needs a user license.

There are 2 types of OGpro users, those with full access to the software functions, and those with access to reporting functions only.  Reporting users are restricted to the ability to run reports, but cannot change or set up the OGpro reports.

To know how many users you need, count the users requiring full access and those requiring reports only.  While you can move a user account from one person to another as your employees change, each user needs their own user account for access.

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