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# What is OGpro?

OGpro is the result of our ongoing commitment to relentlessly deliver new product innovation designed to help you accelerate answers.  This visionary oil and gas accounting software experience allows you to focus on, think about and answer the essential questions impacting your organization’s long-lasting success. 

Our client-driven Signature Features have been incorporated into the product to streamline your daily activities so that your efforts can be applied to important business opportunities.

As a result, OGpro has become the new benchmark in oil and gas accounting software with solutions that can be tailored to companies of all sizes both now and in the future.

# What are the OGpro Signature Features?

  • Intuitive Usabilityour guidance and navigational design, using standardized web conventions, allows you to understand your position in the processing cycle and our call to action technique alerts you to the next logical step.

  • Streamlined Workflow:  our state of the art notification and communication process facilitates movement of work among key team members resulting in accelerated decision making.

  • Agile Reporting:  our comprehensive reporting suite provides responsive answers to multi-tiered questions in an easily tailored format.

  • Mobile Compatibility: our unique architecture provides an optimal experience across a wide range of platforms, and our versatile web-based approach offers the ability to safely interact with critical information through mobile devices wherever internet connectivity exists. 

  • Unprecedented Scalability: whether you are a startup looking to grow or an active company exploring new and exciting possibilities, our software is designed to meet the changing needs of your business.

# Please explain Intuitive Usability in more detail?

  • Our best practices menu approach pinpoints where you are in the system at any time and colorful call-to-action visuals highlight your next likely activity.
  • The ability to attach documents where needed provides valuable audit and verification capabilities.
  • Our intelligent data import process facilitates clean importations through an error management approach complete with warnings at the specific record level, significantly enhancing throughput and productivity.
  • Smart typing technology quickly predicts possible record selections from only those companies assigned to you.

# Please explain Streamlined Workflow in more detail?

  • Our notification system allows for the timely collaboration and efficient flow of information to those users that are responsible for the next step in the transaction process.
  • The built in comment functionality makes it easy to communicate the actions that have been taken on a particular item.
  • Essential contact information, available at the push of a button, enables instant communication with business partners.

# Please explain Agile Reporting in more detail?

  • Built in structured reporting, with sort and query features, provides a library of financial reports designed to address both operational and management demands.
  • You have access to your chart of accounts data and the ability to personally customize its presentation based on your specific needs.
  • Our reporting tools allow for the clear presentation of answers to critical questions impacting your productivity and overall success.

# Does OGpro have a cloud offering?

Yes, OGcloud is a method of software delivery that allows data to be accessed from any device with an Internet connection and a supported web browser. With OGcloud, OGsys hosts and maintains the servers, databases and code that constitute the OGpro application.

In addition to allowing remote access via the web to the software applications and data, the OGcloud environment allows buyers to pay an annual or monthly subscription fee, which includes the software license, support and most other fees.

# Will OGpro work on an iPad? What about other tablets?

Absolutely, OGpro is browser based and will work on an iPad, as well as Android and Windows 8 tablets running a supported browser (Internet Explorer version 10 or newer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or Apple Safari - both Mac and iOS). 

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