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OGsql to OGpro

# Why is OGpro replacing OGsql?

OGsql is a dynamic and productive oil and gas accounting package built over a 34 year period, incorporating the technologies given birth by the creation of the Intel processor. There are no issues in OGsql. However, it remains a technology moving past its day as OGdos and OGwin moved past their day.

At OGsys, we have embraced every IT advancement, whether hardware or software driven, with the goal of heightening your experience. OGpro is the next generational step in our ever-reaching effort to provide the ultimate in application software.

The world of automated processing is moving to a new horizon where the traditional work day schedule is less relevant.  Today, the term 9-5 has no place in the business community. We live 24/7!

To effectively address the challenges of your competitive world, information must be available instantly, regardless of time of day or location. Understanding this, we know the measure of meaningful decision making lies squarely at the altar of known information. Every decision must be based on information processed quickly and accurately.

At OGsys, we understand!

# OGsql is working fine for me, what additional benefits will I get when I upgrade to OGpro?

Change is wrought with challenges.

In the many years of development to this point, the operational functions of processing have focused on transaction capture, reporting flexibility and integration. All of the acquired knowledge and intellectual property accumulated over the life of this product cycle has created a solid foundation to now address a world of user interaction.

OGpro is the future of processing that could not have been achieved without the years of investment in OGsql. The ultimate goal of any advancement is to make it bigger, faster and better. 

That, in a single statement, is OGpro.

# Will OGpro be easy to use?

The single most discussed topic in a software review is “ease of use”. Make the process intuitive. Lead the user to the next step. Simplify the decision process. And most of all, provide a clear picture of the task to be completed.

Within the transactional processing areas of invoicing, revenue and general ledger actions, OGpro presents a roadmap clearly positioned to elevate the overall user experience.  By accomplishing this goal, the benefit to you is a more accurate completion of the task plus a return of time invested as the task requires less time to complete.

# Will reporting in OGpro be as good as it is in OGsql?

Providing flexibility and speed into our reporting approach is an eternal challenge to any design. This function alone is the hidden culprit that robs an entity of valuable resources. In OGpro, a stronger approach to reporting via data access tools and user controlled tables provides the user with control historically provided only at a programmer level.

# Will OGpro improve our access to data, which will ultimately help us accelerate answers?

In the new world of automation, the demanded function over all others is access. Data must be accessible, transferable, and uncomplicated. OGpro is all of these. Unlimited avenues of access reside in the design. Supported browser access addresses multiple technical platforms. Data moves comfortably via many and varied routines. 

Clearly, we understand that data sharing is no longer hoped for, but demanded.

# We don’t have the time or resources to retrain our staff right now. What’s the learning curve to start using OGpro?

The learning curve for OGsql staff upgrading to OGpro is minimized due to our guidance and navigational design, using standardized web conventions, that allows you to understand your position in the processing cycle, our call to action technique that alerts you to the next logical step, and our state of the art notification and communication process that facilitates movement of work among key team members.

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