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# Is my data safe in the Cloud?

OGsys has chosen Microsoft Azure® for our cloud vendor. Azure Storage for files by default offers three copies of your data within the same data center. Every time you write a file, three copies are created.

Communication to, from and between data centers is by default encrypted.  In addition, we utilize well tested and industry standard authentication procedures to ensure only the persons you authorize are able to access your copy of OGpro and its data-  your data "in-flight" remains protected.

 Depending on the sensitivity of the data (e.g. Personally Identifiable Information or PII), data at rest is protected by various encryption routines up to AES-256, depending on the business requirements and cost-benefits of the selected encryption routines. 

Microsoft invests in threat management; they regularly monitor for intrusion detection, DDoS attacks, and regularly attempt to penetrate their own networks with the end goal of providing the greatest security available in the industry

# Who Owns My Data?

In short, you, the licensee, own your data. In fact, Microsoft has adopted the first code of practice for cloud privacy: ISO/IEC 27018. Microsoft has also been recognized as ISO 27001, HIPAA, FedRAMP, SOC 1 and 2 in the US, and Australia, the United Kingdom and several other international agencies have recognized Microsoft’s commitment to security and privacy. These certifications are also subject to regular audits to keep them. That's an additional cost Microsoft takes on, so that their customers do not have to.

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