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System Requirements

# What are the minimum requirements needed to run OGpro?

All you need to run OGpro is a supported browser and the operating system that goes with it.  The amount of memory or RAM required on your desktop or laptop is browser-dependent and generally subject to the number of open tabs.  For most day-to-day activities with OGpro, only 1 to 3 tabs are used unless you have opened a number of reports.  Most browsers don’t begin to noticeably degrade until the open tab count gets into the 30-40 range, depending on RAM.

# Do I need a server to run OGpro?

No, all servers are securely managed within the cloud.  Your data is encrypted and stored in highly secure servers behind one of the most impenetrable firewalls available via Microsoft Azure®.  Servers are automatically scaled, meaning additional servers are automatically brought online as your computing load increases to ensure that you get as many servers working on it as practical.

# Do I have to purchase new hardware?

If all of your machines can run a supported browser, you should be in good shape.  However, in some cases, a network needs to be optimized for cloud-computing services, and that can involve purchasing newer desktop or laptop machines. Most companies can take advantage of cloud offerings without making a substantial investment.

# What do I need to do to get ready for the cloud?

In most cases, you need to have sufficient internet connectivity and have installed the supported browsers.

In some cases, there could also be more extensive preparations, such as optimizing network hardware for faster connectivity.

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