OGsql : User Friendly, Intuitive - Oil & Gas Accounting

The industry's most flexible and comprehensive oil and gas accounting application

  • Accounting System

    OGsys has a wide range of software products that help you accelerate answers to vital questions that impact your overall success. In fact, OGsql is the gold standard in oil and gas accounting software, widely regarded as the industry's most flexible and comprehensive accounting application.

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  • Land Management

    OGsys Land Management is used to automate the process of tracking the acquisition and development of oil and gas leases.

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  • Document Management

    The imaging, document management and workflow tools enables companies to electronically capture, secure, distribute and manage documents and their associated approval processes.

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  • Production Accounting

    OGsys Production Accounting is used to track production, sales, and a wide variety of other dispositions on a monthly bases, back to the well's inception.

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This sleek web-based dashboard will give you the freedom to access the most critical information impacting your company's success, at a glance, no matter where you are - in the office, on the road or at home.

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