OGsql : Frequently Asked Questions

We have provided questions that we frequently hear when potential clients are evaluating our software.  We hope the answers to these questions are helpful to you.

  • What is OGsql?

    OGsql is the oil and gas industry's most flexible and comprehensive accounting application.  Its reliability and dependability is second to none.  It provides many benefits to you such as ease of use, flexibility of reporting, intuitive 3rd party access to your data, additional transaction protection with rollback/re-start, and increased scalability.

  • What are the minimum requirements needed to run the OGsql program?

    OGsql is a very robust application that will perform correctly on almost any platform that meets the requirements of the underlying operating system and Microsoft SQL Server 2012. OGsql performance is dependent on many variables such as:

    • Size of database
    • Number of concurrent users
    • Level of OGsql processing
    • User expectations

    These variables, combined with external forces such as other applications competing for system resources make it impossible to create a single minimum hardware recommendation. Even so, OGsys recommends the following minimum configuration for an OGsql installation with a database size of less than 5GB, 10 or less concurrent users and no other significant applications on the server. If your anticipated usage of OGsql is more than the above, please contact us and we will provide a tailored hardware recommendation based on your needs.


    • Dual Core Processor at 2.5GHz
    • 4GB RAM [On x64 or Virtual machines 6GB‐12GB or higher preferred]
    • Physically separate disk volumes for the OS and SQL Database
    • 100Base Ethernet network [Certified]
    • Windows Server 2012 or later required
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2012 or later required

    We also recommend the following minimums on workstations accessing the OGsql applications:

    • Dual Core Processor at 2.0 GHz
    • 4GB RAM
    • 100Base Ethernet [Certified]

    Any increase in these specifications will boost performance for OGsql. There are some specific areas that will provide more benefit than others:

    • SQL Database located on a RAID volume that combines redundancy and increased performance (i.e. RAID5, RAID1+0 or RAID 0+1)
    • Additional/Faster Processors/Cores at the server. When combined with a sufficient edition of SQL Server, OGsql will experience a significant performance boost in multi‐tasking scenarios.
    • GigE (1000Base) network.
    • Additional memory at the server. When combined with a 64bit server operating system and a sufficient edition of SQL Server, the additional RAM will reduce pressure on the disk system.
    • As any SQL DBA will tell you, there are myriad techniques to boost performance of a SQL based application. In our experience, the above list has provided the most noticeable performance increases with the least amount of complicated database configuration changes.

    OGsys will not support Microsoft products past the end of their life cycle.

  • Are you Macintosh© compatible?

    Currently, Macintosh is not supported. While it may be possible to run OGsql on Windows under Macintosh hardware (i.e. using Bootcamp, Parallels, or some other virtualization technology) it is not supported by OGsys).

  • Do I need a server to run ​OGsql​?

    It depends. For multi-user environments (OGsql accessible from more than one machine), a server is required.  For single station users (OGsql installed on only one machine), a server is optional. You may also use a 3rd party hosting company to host OGsql as long as they meet the hardware requirements.

  • What SQL Database Engines do you support?

    The OGsql application supports Microsoft® SQL Server® versions 2012 or greater.

  • Are SQL Server® Express editions supported?

    OGsql supports Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 (or greater) Express editions so long as your database requirements match the limitations of these versions. We recommend Microsoft® SQL Server® 2014 Standard Edition.

  • What type of training do you offer?

    Our primary training is offered in live, instructor-led classes at our corporate office (at no charge to clients in a current support agreement). Also, our support team is happy to come to you. Personalized training onsite at your offices is offered for an additional fee.

    To further accommodate your training needs, we can schedule online classes focusing on specific features upon request. Email training@ogsys.com for the latest training schedule or to request online or onsite training.

  • What if new employees need OGsys training?

    All of your OGsql users can attend as much training as needed if you are in a current support agreement. This training is free at our Fort Worth office.

  • Do you have any of your training in a video format?

    Yes!  We understand that you want us to show you how to use all the "bells and whistles" the software has to offer! As a result, we've created a comprehensive video tutorial series available inside our client portal that you can watch when it's convenient for you.

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