• Success Story: OGsys and EnergyLink Save Time & Money

    "Using EnergyLink in conjunction with the OGsql Purchaser Check Upload (PCX) to manage non-operated revenue statements has greatly streamlined our process and saved us critical time and money within our department."

  • Come Visit Us at NAPAC

    NAPAC brings petroleum industry professionals together for two days of intense and important educational sessions enhanced by lively, productive discussions. This perennial favorite, considered by many to be the premier oil and gas industry accounting conference, has been running for more than 40 years and remains a very highly regarded and well-attended event.

  • Barclays Revised E&P Spending Predictions

    Our January "Thoughts" focused on the encouraging news from Barclays that energy companies were "expected to raise exploration and production (E&P) spending by 7% globally and, more impressively, North American companies were expected to raise their spending by 26% " in 2017. You can find additional details from January in our newsroom. Barclays revised their report this week and things are looking even better!

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